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Advance Manufacturers Co., Ltd was established in 1989 as a production unit to produce high quality gold and silver jewelry for export to the German market. Over the years, our clientele has grown and
we now produce jewelry for many brands around the world.  Our product range includes 8k, 9k, 14k & 18k gold jewelry & high quality 925 sterling silver jewelry Whilst we have an in-house product development team that consistently working on new designs, we also offer designing services and model making for your exclusive designs. We have found that the biggest concerns for companies looking to outsource their production to Asia are issues with privacy and copyright of their designs. Therefore we have extremely strict policies regarding the protection of our customer's designs and can guarantee that the designs, models and molds will never be shown nor produced for anyone else. We have been able to build our business over the past 20 years due to this fundamental practice.